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Pinball widow

There are big goings-on these days at The Barony. The final wave of furniture is arriving, requiring assembly (you think I can knit, you should see me build furniture!) and arrangement. As of 10:45 last night, the living room has a couch, a chair, two ottomans and two end tables. After nine months, we finally have the right stuff – the room is officially functional and enjoyable.

My favorite part: the extra-soft leather couch (yes, I’m still a vegetarian, and yes, I see how that’s a bit hypocritical) and the perfect end-table-and-lamp combination – I can already tell it’s about to become a new favorite knitting spot. A strong runner-up for favorite living room moment: watching The Baron surveying his domain from the comfort of his brand new armchair. (By the way, all the couches at the house came from The Sofa Company – we couldn’t be happier with them – if you need affordable custom couches in the LA area, go talk to Peter.) Bottom line – we’re both just really excited to finally be able to sit together and enjoy the beautiful living room.

The warm-and-fuzzy togetherness was short-lived, however, because last night another long-awaited piece of furniture arrived. Yup. The pinball machine. It came yesterday afternoon and by the time I made it home from work The Baron was in a pinball-coma, eyes glazed over in delight, fingers twitchy and eager, hovering over the bumper-buttons (The Baron tells me that the correct term is flipper-buttons . . . oh, the shame, the shame of not knowing the proper pinball terminology!).  When firmly shaken and questioned he did admit that, if it came down to a choice, he’d pick me over the pinball machine. That didn’t stop him from declaring that he’s excited for a quiet labor-day weekend at home, “just the three of us,” and staying up until the early hours of this morning tinkering and customizing his new toy.

The upside to becoming a pinball widow: more knitting time! I’m really enjoying the Warm Up America! squares – my “students” are coming along very well and I’m having fun playing with different patterns. Miss V actually worked about 8 rows last night, but what I’m really proud of is that when she made a few mistakes she was able to rip back several rows and get the whole thing back on the needles successfully – all by herself.

I’m still in recovery after finishing Frost Flowers & Leaves. I’m working up to Peacock Feathers, but I’m not sure who I’ll be making it for. A dilemma! Maybe I’ll end up doing something else in the meantime . . . those cones of Zephyr aren’t going anywhere. In the meantime, I’m sticking to the straightforward, comfort-food kind of knitting: Clapotis came to work with me today and might get some love if I get any down-time.


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