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And Introducing . . .

It’s been unforgivably long since I’ve posted . . . I think once I got Levi’s Blanket launched into the world I sort of slowed down on the knitting.  How slow?  Well . . . Ice Queen is blocking as we speak, that’s how slow.  My next post will be knitting-photo-heavy, I  promise, but in the meantime, I have another, better excuse for setting aside (only temporarily though!) my knitting:

The Baron and I are growing our little family.  Meet Zoey:

Zoey's Closeup 4-12-09

She was left at the pound and then taken in by a rescue, which is where we found her.  She’s part Dachshund, part Chihuahua, almost as rascally as The Baron . . . she’s now 17 weeks old, gives the sweetest little puppy kisses and loves her humans almost as much as we love her.

Need more cuteness?  Here’s my favorite photo of our little girl:

Zoey in Flight 4-12-09


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