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Mortifying odds and ends

Nothing at all is really wrong this week, but I still feel lousy. My eyes hurt (this is a pretty common state of affairs) and I feel like I’m getting the flu. Maybe it’s West Nile. I hear it’s everywhere in LA these days. And not only am I nursing a low-grade cold, but I keep doing embarrassing things. Examples? Sure.

I managed to spill toilet water on my pants at work the other day – not too noticeable, but slightly. (I swear it was not pee.) A normal person’s reaction: blot it with some paper towel and move on. My reaction: spray myself in the crotch with sink water – very noticeable – to try and cover up the damage.

The underwire on the left cup of my favorite bra popped out and stuck me in the armpit. A normal person’s reaction: throw the bra away. My reaction: keep wearing it, twisting my arm up under my shirt, squiggling around, and stuffing the wire back down every time it pops back out through the sticky plastic wardrobe tape (it’s an LA thing) I used to repair it.

Not exactly embarrassing, but it made me kick myself about how lackadaisical (does anyone else adore that word like I do?) I’ve been about the purpose of my work lately. I got the following instant message from The Baron a few days ago:

The Baron: It’s kinda sad working with shows that just got cancelled
The Baron: I watch reruns all the time but it’s hard to explain
The Baron: like these characters all just died or something
The Baron: all the stuff they are working on and the relationships they have are all over, you are seeing the aspirations of folks who don’t realize they are all going to be obliterated

I really love this guy. Ah, the humanity! For some reason his way of putting things just seemed so poignant to me – I could talk your ear off about the cultural resonance of Hollywood, blah, blah blah, but it’s been a while since I really believed it. He made me give it all a second thought.

And finally, some knitting news: Glamorous responded to my slightly gloomy last post with a plaintive e-mail asking if I’d “un-kinked” her Frost Flowers & Leaves shawl. No, honey, the shawl remains intact. In fact, I’m getting fairly close to getting the thing off the needles and blocked – pictures and a detailed post-mortem post will follow.


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