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A new girl in town

My youngest sister adorable is back from her post-grad Europe trip and getting ready to move to LA. I get a bit over-excited about things like this and immediately set about organizing things and “helping” perhaps a bit too much. I’m just so happy that she’ll be living nearby, and also hopeful that her being here will tempt my dad and stepmom to visit more often. I’m not to the point where I’m picking up nasty couches sitting by the roadside yet (does that happen in other places? Because to me leaving your furniture by the curb seems wasteful, tacky and just plain gross . . .) but my office is getting remodeled and I have been scavenging old chairs and a coffee table for her. Even better, there is a vacancy in the old building where I used to live, so perhaps she’ll end up there.

I haven’t yet had a chance to really knit for adorable yet – a year and a half ago I cast on for a pair of socks for her made with Cascade Fixation. If you’ve never played with Fixation before, it’s a cool and bizarre experience. The yarn is super-stretchy and also very spongy – a unique tactile sensation. The pitfall of the yarn is that if you’re inconsistent at all in your tension, the yarn magnifies it so that the fabric can be way too tight in places and way too loose in places. Long story short, I knit these adorable pink socks for adorable and she couldn’t even get them on her feet. Hopefully when she lives a little closer I’ll be able to use her as a model – dressing her up like a living doll just like when we were kids. Perhaps this is why, as a child, she wanted to run away?


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