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Today is turning out to be a really great day.  First and foremost, the response to yesterday’s Frost Flowers & Leaves round-up post has been overwhelming and positive – I hope that my experience working the shawl will prove helpful to future knitters – I was glad for a chance to give back and participate in the online knitting community. Plus, today I am going to actually give the thing to Glamorous, so that is pretty exciting. Here’s hoping she’ll love it as much as I loved making it for her.

Some other reasons today rocks:

  • It’s Friday. Enough said.
  • I’m wearing (for the first time ever outside the house) the socks that I made for myself. Every step I take in these socks is a happy step. I just feel good knowing that I did something so small but so indulgent for myself. I’m also reminded of all the good things that happened while I knit the socks: my trip to Tahoe, Adorable’s graduation, the discovery of audiobooks. It’s a great feeling – a little accomplishment that goes a long way toward inner peace.
  • Speaking of Adorable, tonight Glamorous is going to meet her at home and they’re driving to LA together – soon we’ll be three sisters all in the same place.
  • Last night I had a visit from my college friend, Mrs. N. It was the first time I’d seen her since our early-summer Tahoe trip and the first time she’d been to The Baron’s house. We lit the tikis and sat by the pool chatting the evening away. Such a nice treat for a weeknight!
  • On Saturday morning The Baron’s leather chair arrives – we’ve been waiting for it since May but I’m feeling confident that it will be well worth the wait. It’s arriving between 6 and 9 am (boo!) but hopefully I can sneak downstairs when the delivery arrives and get the chair set up for him so he can settle in and make himself comfy right away.
  • On Sunday morning The Baron is taking me to Dim Sum (yummy!) and to see butterflies (pretty!) and then I’ll have the rest of the day to knit. The perfect Sunday.

And finally, ‘cause I just can’t help myself . . .


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