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While life has taken me away from blogging in the past few years, I am still an avid knitter and  Raveler.

It’s been exciting to see so many people tackle Levi’s Blanket!  I never managed to get the written-out charts completed, but several wonderful knitters have.  For those who find the original charts I created a bit too daunting, here, at long last, are written directions.

Levi’s Blanket – Written Directions by Mary W

Thanks to Mary W. for translating and providing the directions to be shared!  Mary has graciously agreed to be contacted with questions about her directions.  She is hlbronwyn at hotmail.


I understand that there are some issues with these written directions.  Please be aware that I did not create them and I have not had a chance to test-knit.  If someone has corrections, I would be happy to update this post with the corrected directions.  I’ve also just posted a second set of written directions from April W. here.

Happy knitting,



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