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I’ve never knit anything just for myself before. So this weekend, if it gets chilly enough, I’m going to wear my new socks. If it’s hot, I might just wear them anyway.

There are so many projects that I’m eager to start, but the stars don’t seem to be aligned for any of them. I want to start a new pair of socks, but only one ball is wound, and I am totally in love with the two-at-once strategy. Yeah, I know I could just wind it myself, but then the balls would be different, and that would bother my sense of order. (No laughing! It would really bother me!) I’m expecting a ball winder from Knit Picks, and it should be here next week, but until then I’m restricting myself to the Frost Flowers & Leaves edging. As of this moment, the edging is one quarter completed, and I know that if I let myself be tempted to another project, I’ll never finish this one.

And I really, really want to finish!


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