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When I was a little girl, my mother told me that I did not look pretty in the color yellow. I’m not sure why she said this, or if she realized the lasting effect it would have on me. I was “washed out” she said, as though a person could be flushed of all vitality by simply putting on a t-shirt. Also my brain connected the “low” sound at the end of the color with the similar allele at the end of the word “sallow” and clearly sallow is not a thing that a little girl wants to be. Sorry . . . this is just how my brain works. I know there are plenty of beautiful yellows out there, but I just can’t overcome my early conditioning enough to go beyond simply remarking “what a rich, lovely color” and actually knit with the stuff.

The kicker though is that I love green. I love greens that are deep and rich in their blue hues, and not so much bright or puce (what an unfortunate word!) or lemongrass. But in the yarny world, where hand-dyes are literally created from the building blocks of color (red, yellow, blue) it’s difficult to find a varigated yarn that doesn’t incorporate yellow in with the green. Yarns that are green and blue are usually overpowered by the blue, and the green pops in just as an accent. I love green, but looking over my finished projects Ravelry page recently I realized that I just have not knitted anything green save for the turtle (Sheldon) who is (duh) supposed to be green.

To remedy this lack of green in my knitting life, I cast on for a pair of socks this weekend with Knitpicks Risata in Grass. After a false start (um, yeah, read the directions carefully when trying out a new toe technique for socks!) I’m off to the races, as you can see:


Although I’ve had this yarn for a while, it wasn’t until my recent success with the mitts for Adorable that I really felt ready to tackle socks again. It’s been a little stressful at home recently so for the moment I am clinging to these socks for sanity.


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